Choosing a kitty sitter

Choosing a cat sitter can be difficult since not everyone has the same standards of care. You want someone who will do more than just fill up a food bowl and instead, provide the daily care that your cat needs while you are away. If possible, ask family members or friends for a referral. Establish criteria for what you are looking for in a kitty sitter and use this to evaluate candidates. In all cases, ask lots of questions about what you and your cat can expect from your kitty sitter while you are away.

For important information on choosing a kitty sitter, read:
Choosing a reliable kitty sitter.

Provide your kitty sitter with vital information about your pets, their health history, and veterinarian and on how to reach you while you’re gone. Use our handy form: Information for your kitty sitter.

While you are away, make sure that your kitty sitter watches your cat very closely and lets you now about any changes in eating habits, liter habits or disposition. Use our form: Kitty sitter daily checklist.