Finding specific cat breeds

Sphynx named Trouble

All cat lovers have their favorite breeds and mixes. If you are thinking about giving a home to a particular breed of cat, first become familiar with the breed’s personality traits, habits and heath issues. For information on a variety of cat breeds, go to

Once you have decided upon a particular breed, it may or may not be important to you for the cat to be a documented purebred. There are many cats that exhibit the characteristics of a particular breed, however may not come with papers to establish their heredity. You may also have it in your heart to consider a SPECIAL NEEDS kitty. There are many cats and kittens with health conditions that are highly manageable, yet may reduce their chances of finding a home.

William Ragdoll breed

In any case, your search should include these sources:

  • Purebred cat rescues

  • Breed specific cat rescues

  • Animal rescues and shelters

  • Breeders

If you choose to go to a breeder, make sure you are going to a reputable one.

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