Feline quality of life

Cats are very intelligent creatures that need stimulation and to be kept busy. If not, cats can get bored – and that’s when they become mischievous and can get into trouble. Plus, kitties that get enough exercise and physical stimulation are more likely to have fewer health problems. Include these forms of stimulation in your kitty’s weekly routine:

  • Visual stimulation

    • Make sure cats have easy access to windows, door walls and areas of the home where they can see birds, squirrels and other critters. Strategically placed cat trees and window perches provide the vertical height cats enjoy and offers them a different perspective on their surroundings.

    • Purchase DVDs of swimming fish, scampering mice, flying birds and other kitty-oriented action.

  • Mental stimulation

    • Choose toys that require cats to problem solve to obtain treats or cat nip.

    • Talk to kitty regularly – they love your “baby’ talk” and are listening more than you think!

  • Physical stimulation

    • Play with kitties regularly so they get exercise and work on their physical coordination.

    • Offer cat nip; many kitties will roll around in it and become more playful after a good munch.

    • Take kitties for walks outside. Some cats do well with a harness; for others consider a pet stroller.

    • Choose toys that cats can chase, such as laser light pointers.

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Do you have a kitty that is not going along with the program? Read more about which CAT BREEDS are most likely to exhibit behavior problems. Also – looking for some great ways to provide physical stimulation and exercise to your kitty? Take your pick from Simply the best cat toys!

  • Safety and security

    • Provide hiding places where cats can feel safe, such as covered beds and tunnels.

    • Place litter boxes and food/water bowls in quiet places where cats can feel secure and unthreatened.

    • Make sure that areas by liter boxes and food/drinking bowls are well lit and easy for kitties to see and use.

  • Comfort

    • Consider heated cat beds that contain electric heaters and provide added comfort on cold nights (especially to kittens and geriatric cats).

    • Offer steps and ramps to enable easier access to places where kitty is allowed.

Make sure you have an appropriate number of litter boxes. ONE per cat, PLUS ONE!