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May 2018 - Senior Cats & Summertime Safety !

  • How old is a senior cat?.

  • June is adopt a cat month.

  • Feline Nutrition Tip: Ingredients You WANT to see in Your Cat's Food.

  • Should you take your cat on vacation?.

March 2018 - Happy Spring!

  • Cat nip for St. Patrick's Day!

  • Easter Hazards to watch for.

  • Feline Nutrition Tip: Overweight Cats .

  • Are Easter Eggs safe for kitty?.

January 2018 - Happy New Year!

  • Preventing winter sneezes & sniffles

  • National Dental Health Month.

  • Valentine's Day safety.

  • American Heart Month.

November 2017 - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Holiday food safety.

  • Gift ideas for cat lovers.

  • November is American Diabetes month.

  • November is Senior Pet Month.

September 2017 - Pain Awareness Month

  • National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

  • Keep kitty safe this Halloween.

  • National Pain Awareness Month.


July 2017 - Happy Independence Day!

  • All-American pet photo day.

  • July is anti-boredom month.

  • July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day.

  • Stressful summer festivities.

May 2017 - Summer's around the corner!

  • Spring garden tips for cat owners.

  • Preventing arthritis in your aging kitty.

  • Adopting an older kitty may be a good choice.

  • June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

April 2017 - Happy Spring!

  • Have a feline safe Easter.

  • Feline weight a growing concern.

  • FDA warning about human cancer cream .

  • What to ask a potential pet sitter.

January 2017 - Happy New Year!

  • New cat cafe in Ann Arbor.

  • Keep indoor cats warm in the winter.

  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month.

  • Cat's Meow Tip: Treat jars can be a hazard.

November 2016 - Happy Thanksgiving

  • National pet diabetes month.

  • Finding the perfect kitty gift.

  • Have a pet-safe Thanksgiving.

  • Seasonal hazards.

September 2016 - Happy Labor Day!

  • Keep your cat safe during Labor Day.

  • Drug-resistant UTIs on the rise.

  • Acute & chronic pain in cats

  • Vet exams still needed with “diagnostic” litter

July 2016 - Ticks on rise in Michigan

  • Lone Star Tick putting cats at risk in Michigan.

  • July is National anti-boredom month.

  • Dr. Larsen’s relationship with Bombays.

  • Bee & wasp stings can be serious for kitties.

May 2016 - Happy Spring!

  • Comfort for aging kitties.

  • Is fish flavored food a factor in hyperthyroidism?

  • Cat lover vacation dilemma.

  • Cat’s Meow: Help for litter kickers.

March 2016 - Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  • How to spot and prevent feline kidney disease.

  • Print our poison prevention checklist.

  • Earn a donation for The Cat Practice with purchase!

  • Breed Profile: Russian Blue

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