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December 2013 - Happy Holidays

  • Cat friendly decorating tips.

  • 5 Most Common Cat Health Problems.

  • Breed Profile: Persian.

  • Watch out for frostbite.

November 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Keep pets safe this Thanksgiving.

  • How to spot feline diabetes symptoms.

  • The Cat Practice Hospice Program featured.

  • Cat's Meow: Use treats to gauge kitty's health.

October 2013 - Have a pet-safe Halloween!

  • Don’t let kitty get Spooked Off.

  • Early signs of spine problems.

  • Vet techs bring skills to exam room.

  • Have an emergency plan for pets.

August 2013 - Overcome back to school blues

  • The Cat’s Pajamas adoption marathon.

  • Cat photography tips.

  • Consider Kitty Camp for fall cleaning ease.

  • Cat’s Meow: Decorative scratch pads.

July 2013 - National Anti-Boredom Month

  • Summer road travel with kitty.

  • Cat Nap photo contest.

  • Breed Profile: Ragamuffin.

  • Cats need mental and physical stimulation.

June 2013 - Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

  • Check your new kitty's health.

  • Tick population explosion in 2013.

  • Breed Profile: African Shorthair (Sokoke).

  • Anti-Freeze bittering agent bill advances in MI.

May 2013 - Tips for Senior Care

  • Help Your Senior Enjoy Better Quality of Life.

  • The right way to hug your kitty.

  • Breed Profile: American Curl.

  • National Arthritis Month.

July 2014 - Have a Pet-Safe Summer

  • Meet our newest vet, Dr. Larsen!

  • Spot obesity in your pet.

  • National pet fire safety day July 15

  • Avoiding heat stress in your kitty.

June 2014 - Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

  • The best places to find a kitty.

  • Wellness exam recommended for new kitty.

  • Summer Hazards.

  • Introducing new kitty to your home.

May 2014 - Happy Spring!

  • Vacationing with kitty.

  • National hug your cat day.

  • Feline arthritis is painful but treatable.

  • Cats are living longer and need senior care.

April 2014 - Happy Easter!

  • Easter baskets off limits to pets.

  • Watch for fleas and ticks.

  • Feline stress reduction.

  • First aid awareness month.

March 2014 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • St. Patty's Day photo contest.

  • Touching tribute, in memory of Basil.

  • Cat's Meow: Medication station.

  • Keep kitty's kidneys healthy.

February 2014 - American Heart Month

  • Heart disease on the rise in felines.

  • Valentine Hazards.

  • Surprise kitty with healthy Valentine cat treats.

  • Breed Profile: Manx.

January 2014 - Happy New Year!

  • Feline stress can take its toll.

  • Watch for fleas and ticks.

  • National Hairball Awareness Day.

  • Cat’s Meow: Save money on prescriptions.

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