Declaw decision

Cat lovers tend to have strong opinions about whether or not to declaw their cat and there are certainly people on both sides of this debate. At The Cat Practice, we feel that this is a personal decision and that each cat family must do what’s right for them. The best approach is to make sure that you have complete information and know all your options.

Some people have their cat declawed for personal health reasons. Many seniors are concerned about getting scratched since as they age, their skin becomes more delicate. This is also true of families with infants or small children. Those who suffer from any type of immuno-compromised health condition are concerned about possible infection as a result of a scratch.

Scratching posts and nail trims are alternatives to declaw.

Scratching posts and nail trims are alternatives to declaw.

Me-Yow TubeStep-by-step guide to feline nail trims. Watch our video:

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Permanent DECLAW is a surgical procedure that requires your careful consideration. It should NEVER be considered the ONLY option for eliminating annoying scratching and digging. Instead, it’s a decision that should be made only after careful consideration and with complete information. Declaw is a PERSONAL DECISION that only you can make.