Pets for Adoption

Following is a list of rescue organizations that typically have cats and other pets up for adoption. Adoption fees and adoption policies and practices will vary for each rescue so it will be important to contact each group for their individual information.   Please note that some of these rescue organizations have facilities, however most are operated with volunteers in a foster home network. Do not be discouraged if it takes several days or more to get a phone call returned. The Cat Practice is not affiliated in any way with any of these establishments and holds no responsibility in connection with any of those named.


*Many of these rescue groups follow a “no kill” policy meaning that they do not euthanize healthy pets when they are over capacity. Contact each group for specifics.

All About Animals Rescue


Animal Pals


Animal Rescue League


Animal Welfare Society


Cat Connection – Michigan


Companion Pet Rescue




Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Inc.


The Almost Home Animal Haven of Southfield

25503 Clara Lane

Southfield, MI 48034

Website with thousands of pets for adoption in all 50 states.


Cat Health Resources

Use these resources to find out more about caring for your cat and providing a safe and healthy home.    

American Association of Feline Practitioners

American Heartworm Society

ASPCA Animal Poison Control - Toxic Plants Index

Companion Animal Parasite Control (CAPC)

Cornell Demonstration Videos


Feline Diabetes

Healthy Cats for Life

Kitty Test

The Great Cat Watch for Wellness Sake


Purebred Cat Information

Cat Fancier’s Association:


The International Cat Association:

Veterinary Specialists

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services:



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